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Metalworking Fluid or CoolantMachining coolant (or metalworking fluid, MWF) maintenance, is still considered an art in many machine shops. Smart users know that well maintained cutting fluids can last for years, not weeks or months. introduces you to the basic elements of getting the most out of your coolant sump system. This will save you money in many ways:

  • buying less coolant concentrate

  • spending less time mixing and measuring it

  • spending less money to have someone haul it away

F15AC condensate separator

How you choose the best metalworking fluid maintenance for your operation is up to you. You will find information for first timers, and detailed information for advanced users. For those who want to dig deeper, this is a central link for bona fide research. is an informational site, without overt ties to any commercial enterprise. We look forward to your input.

How Bacteria Change Gear - A New Challenge in Maintaining Coolant (read more)

How Bacteria Change Gear

The greatest challenge we face in keeping your coolant performing at its peak operating characteristics isn't chemical or physical. The challenge is biology - Mother Nature. (Download PDF • More Articles)
What is Coolant?

Coolant, also known as metalworking fluids or metal removing fluids (MWF and MRF) is a complex soup of oil blended into water. Coolant concentrates are typically diluted with anywhere from 80% to 99% water, but are usually used in the 5% range.

Coolant is used in metalworking to both cool and lubricate tools so that they cut better and last longer. Coolant is also made to be worker and environmentally friendly. The problem is that coolant can go bad, like a stagnant pond. Coolant is also getting more expensive, both to buy and dispose as waste.

This site is designed to help the novice user understand the important issues about maintaining coolant so that it lasts as long as possible. Oil skimmers are critical to coolant maintenance, but so is education. A few minutes of study could save you thousands of dollars a year. Also, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions for this site please don't hesitate to write.

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