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Coolant Performance Criteria

Coolant Performance Criteria

Choosing a coolant can be an arduous process, as many users know. When in the process of selecting a coolant, it is best to ask the manufacturer or their representative as many questions as possible, up front, so your time and money are not wasted.

The following is a list of coolant basic performance criteria of coolant that should be considered:

  • Stable in solution
  • Assist in all (or most) of your machining processes, producing good finishes
  • Controls rust and corrosion
  • Controls foam and mist
  • Controls undesirable odors
  • Forms no undesirable residues
  • Long fluid life, given proper maintenance
  • Safe to workers
  • Safe and easy to dispose of

Coolant, no matter its quality or cost, will fail at some point. That point can be much sooner than expected if the coolant is not properly maintained. However, if taken care of properly, its longevity will increase and it will perform as it was intended to.

Preventing coolant from failing is critical to plant operations and budget. As previously discussed, there are many nuances to coolant. Some are chemical, some are biological, some are mechanical. Each, however, is just as important as the other, since they all have a hand in affecting its overall performance, which in turn affects your machines, your tools, your parts, your workers, and your bottom line.


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